Dr mamaddi  is  a powerful herbalist and traditional healer with advanced experience from his fore fathers. Dr. Mamaddi heals all types of sickness and has had a success rate of over 99% and is highly recommended for solving all types of life problems ranging from bad luck, poverty, curses, financial instabilities, family and relationships, poor health, among others.
Mamaddi deals in herbal medicine which can correct any complications that require herbal medication. Mamaddi herbal medicine has passed the healing test for different complications using his strong herbs including; immune  booster, Man power, Zamzam water (holy water), Zamzam oil(anointing oil) herbal medicine for diabetes, herbal medicine for skin, Oestrone booster, essence, and many others.

This Product has a vital role in boosting your immune system and helping to stimulate the body’s nutrition. It is fundamental in restoring damaged tissues and cells caused by illness and disease. Boosting the immune system CD 4 count ensuring that the body is strong enough to fight against any disease. 100% herbal, made out of 98% natural herbs with natural antioxidants to help the body fight against diseases such as: sugar diabetics, Ulcers, arthritics, piles, headaches, fever.
Mamaddi man power
Designed to improve sexual intimacy in a man’s life. Mamaddi man power is 100% natural made out of 18 exotic herbs and herbal mixture to create a powerful product which allows a man to be more confident and increase his enjoyment and duration of sexual intercourse.
In our research we discovered that most problems that couples face in a relationship are caused by a lack of sexual intimacy. In most cases we find that it is caused by excessive stress levels, BP, sugar diabetes and back pain.
Mamaddi man power will arouse sexual feelings in both partners, help you create an erection, and also create the desire and length of time during intercourse. We can as well assist with increasing size and length of the penis. For women we assist tighten the vagina so that you can feel your partner, we also assist with lubricating your intercourse to reduce pain and increase enjoyment with your partner.

Zamzam water is a Strong, powerful, spiritual healing water, that can change your life a fortune after use. This spiritual healing water protects you from all forms of evil attacks from your enemies, lineage spiritual attacks and people who do witchcraft or black magic to send bad luck your way.
This water will bring unity among loved ones, strengthen family ties and bring good luck in all areas of your life. It will help to stop bad dreams and nightmares, chess away spiritual wives and husbands.
If you have sex in dreams with strangers, please contact Mamaddi immediately for assistance.
This product can be used when bathing, steaming around the house. While using it, you must say what you need or want to change in your life. This product may be used by both genders. Once you start using this product you will never be the same again.


Designed is to stop any relationship misunderstandings. It creates favour before any platform you may wish to step to. It will help you win any court case, it creates love where it never existed, it helps you win over your in laws love and respect. This oil will give you and your partner the life you always wanted. Zam zam brings you luck, It also mends broken hearts and gives you a sense of direction.

Traditional bark cloth is cloth mostly made in east African counties .it’s used in most of African cultural functions. Bark cloth is traditionally popular cloth as used to wrap the dead. As a matter of fact, the bark cloth is a respected item in the burial ceremonies of quite a number of communities in some communities.
If you consistently see dead people in your dreams, and you receive warning signs you may wish to hear from the deceased to know what exactly they wish to communicate, the back cloth will help you make that communication with ease.

This product is designed for women only. Used to improve sexuality, assist with thrush, bad odour that comes from different private parts and is common among women. Such odour normally distances your partner.
Zamzam cream which is naturally made from herbs assists one to create intimacy and sexuality with your partner. This product will ensure good results and confidence in yourself. The time with your partner will become more exciting.

My Expertise  Include:

  • We assist you communicate with your ancestors in cases of need to clear past unmentioned misunderstandings.
  • Boosting sexual performance, gain up to 70% or more, increase the hardness of your erection, increase the thickness and length of your penis from the above regardless of age. Anyone can gain 5cm or more in length and width using natural herbs without side effects.
  • Broken/troubled relationship/marriage. Get your lover to focus on you alone, stop your lover from cheating/sleeping around, win divorce or stop divorce, your life can turn around no matter the distance from your love or the length of time you have been separated.
  • Do you have financial problem, bad debts, failing to pay accounts or blacklisted, your financial position can be reinstated in 24 hours. Or do you have people owing you money but don’t want to pay; we can make them deliver your outstanding amounts in 12 hours.
  • f you have bad luck, bad court cases, bewitched, or known ailment our herbs shall win you victory.
  • Reposes your property taken from you by the bank, court creditors, relatives and friends (land, houses, and cars). Make a loved one stop taking drugs or alcohol.
  • Win lotto, casino and horse racing.